In February of 1987 Bishop Gary L. Burt obeyed the call by God to begin
what is now known as Agape Apostolic Faith Assembly. Starting with
Bible Classes and eventually Sunday Services in the basement of his
residence, the congregation quickly expanded and was forced to ascend
upstairs to larger quarters. Very rapidly, because of God’s blessings, this
space too became inadequate and moving became inevitable.
The church mortgage was paid off in less than three years. An addition
was added onto the church in 2005 which included offices, nursery and
storage, with no need for a bank loan. We have continued on in what
brought us to this day, “Giving God Always Our First and our Best” This is
the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes”. Psalms 118:23. This is
the church that will love you to life.
We were given permission to use the facilities of Wesley United Methodist
Church in July of 1987. Again we had to move when Wesley’s schedule
conflicted with ours.
In September of 1987, we rented the building located on the corner of 30th
and Elmira. To someone on the outside, the beginning of 1990 may have
appeared to have been a difficult time for Agape; but we could truly see
God’s handiwork and teachings in our lives. We learned beyond a shadow
of a doubt that the church dwells within us, not a building. We moved from
30th and Elmira to share facilities with the late Elder James Carey and the
saints of Jerusalem Temple who gladly opened their doors to us until we
relocated to School #75.

During this time progress was being made towards the purchase of our
own building. Every move we made bonded us together more and instead
of losing members, the Lord was still adding to the church daily such as
should be saved. Every stumbling block became a stepping stone leading
us to another victory.
In May of 1990, the building at 2432 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street was
purchased and the renovation process went into full operation; not only
with the brothers of this Assembly, but the Lord sent other skilled workers
to labor with the brethren.  Neh. 4:6…for the people had a mind to work.
There were no bake sales, no selling dinners, no rallies, no begging, the
emphasis was on doing it God’s way with tithes and offerings with faith in

On August 5, 1990, we entered the sanctuary of our new church home.
What a day this was for Agape! To God be the glory!!
Agape is a church on the move, a rescue mission for sinners to be saved,
the sick to be healed and the saints to be encouraged and uplifted.
In June of 1997, the property located at 6240 North Georgetown Road was
purchased which included seven acres of ground. The property was paid
for in full at closing. Preparation for building began immediately with plans
being drawn up and permits obtained. On a very cold Sunday Morning in
November of 1997, the Pastor and members of Agape journeyed to 62nd &
Georgetown for the dedication and blessing of the ground where the church
building would be erected.  God blessed us mightily in the dedication.

In December of 1997, the work began. God blessed us with an unusually
mild winter and the work never stopped.
On Sunday, September 6, 1998, with motorcade escort we caravanned
from 2432 Dr. Martin Luther King to 6240 North Georgetown Road. In this
unusual caravan that consisted of Pastor, First Lady, Officials, Ministerial
Staff and entire congregation, we arrived at our present location. We
entered the sanctuary singing “We’ve Come This Far By Faith”. God has
continued to bless us throughout the years.